How The Idea Came About

It all started because we needed leads ourselves…

We’re a small business, we get it, all the big guys get help. It’s frustrating when marketing hijacks your budget, but the ROI is poor. With Irwin’s experience in web, he started working on a digital cure. He created a tool and started testing it on his own website. After a few months of refining and optimising, his website conversion rate had improved by 3.8%. He knew he was onto something and he wanted to share it with business owners in the same boat.

Common problems we noticed…

  • Wasting money on marketing
  • People couldn’t see our value
  • Couldn’t answer the simple question why choose us
  • And the worst… people couldn’t even find our phone number or get in touch with us
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…then COVID happened

No one could have imagined how hard it would be. Lengthy months of lockdown and business restrictions made it essential for any businesses who wanted to survive the permafrost of uncertainty, to build a solid footing online.

  • Businesses were looking for cost effective methods of getting new business
  • Didn’t want to spend lots of money
  • Realised their website was more important than ever before
  • Website dependency grew
  • Want to make every marketing dollar count
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We strengthened it with our 13 years of industry experience

Used it on us, and our clients, why not give it to the world. This tool aims to optimise your website conversion instantly, and allow you to long-term. Years of trialling, testing and developing have brought Irwin’s conversion solution to life.

He wanted it to be

  • Super easy
  • Super affordable
  • Require no dev
  • Scalable
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ConversionCow was born

ConversionCow is a strong blend that catches your customers’ attention, and brings social proof to the forefront of their mind to positively influence their desire to choose your business.

To all those who have supported us from the beginning, thank you. For newcomers looking for a cost effective way to catalyse your marketing…welcome to the club!

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