Effective A/B testing for different marketing messages

Identify the Most Effective Strategy

ConversionCow’s A/B testing is such a valuable tool for marketers looking to improve conversion rates. By comparing two versions of a marketing asset through this feature, it helps you identify which one performs better through the analytics summary dashboard.

Not just that, it lets you allocate efficient popout and customise the overall traffic balance. With ConversionCow’s A/B testing feature, you can test these messages on your brand’s target consumers and see which one resonates and drives more conversions. Plus other great benefits like:

  • Reduced Bounce Rate
  • Increased Engagement
  • Higher Revenue
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Enhanced User Insights

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A/B Testing

Step-by-Step Guide for A/B Testing

Here’s a quick rundown on how to add A/B testing to your website campaigns:

Step 1 Navigate to Campaign

Step 2 Add special condition to Campaign

Step 3 Add the title and choose A/B testing option

ConversionCow’s A/B Testing feature is a great way to improve conversion rates, boost user experience, optimise marketing strategies, and encourage better decision-making. You can easily test different headlines, content, and layouts by checking out the relevant data in our software tool today!

Key Features

Comprehensive Features for Inbuilt A/B Testing

Test 2 Popouts on 1 Page

A/B testing lets you show two different popups to different customers on the same page.

Allocate the Most Efficient Popout (Winner)

Automatically choose the best popout at the end of the test and sets it as the primary one.

View Data of Each Test

Each test has split reporting and allows you to see which popout gets the most interactions.

Customise the Traffic Balance

Choose which popout gets the most attention with %split setting.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Can ConversionCow's AB testing help you choose the best popout?

Yes. ConversionCow’s A/B testing compares two versions of marketing assets to see which one performs better and drives more interactions.

Will I be able to check and track the data of the test?

Yes, you can check and view the data for each test. Each test has split reporting to show which option is best. You can also use ConversionCow’s A/B testing to find the most effective strategies.

What can I get when I use ConversionCow's AB testing?

Using ConversionCow’s AB testing helps you see which version of your website drives more conversions. You can also set unique goals, apply logic, and view results in the Analytics Summary Dashboard.