Campaigns & Marketing

Boost User Engagement with Tailored Campaigns

Connect with your audience and ensure that each site visitor feels personally addressed. Targeting different segments of your audience with customised messages, you can significantly improve user engagement and conversion rates.

Provide them the right messaging and the right time with these ConversionCow Campaign features:

  • Apply conditional logic to your popouts
  • Activate/de-activate as required
  • Campaign Reporting

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Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Popouts to Campaigns

Here’s a quick guide on how to add ConversionCow’s popouts to your campaigns:

Step 1 Navigate to Dashboard

Step 2 Go to Campaigns

Step 3 Create Campaign

Step 4 Fill in the fields and create campaign

With ConversionCow, you can create multiple campaigns to customise your website’s message. This targeted approach ensures your content resonates with your audience and drives better conversion rates and overall success for your online presence.

Key Features

Comprehensive Features for Tailored Campaigns

Report by Campaign

Launch seasonal campaigns and track segmented data with our reporting tool.

Customise your Campaign

Apply unique conditions to make your campaign stand out from the others.

Set your Campaign to your Website

Campaigns are applied by domain, corresponding to a different website.

Quick to Setup

It takes just a few minutes to set up and launch your first campaign.


Frequently Asked Questions

Start Free 14 Day Trial

Can I customise my campaign?

Yes, ConversionCow gives you the freedom to customise your campaign. You can even set conditional rules to show the popout you prefer. This approach lets you deliver personalised content to your visitors, making them feel personally addressed and connected.

Can I get a report for the campaigns?

Yes, you can view reports per campaign in the campaign management area

Is it possible to set up multiple campaigns?

Yes. ConversionCow offers a multi-campaign feature that lets you set up as many campaigns as you like. This strategy is ideal for identifying which campaigns are generating the most leads and which are underperforming.