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ConversionCow’s Google Analytics 4 integration offers a ready-to-use solution that pairs with your GA4 account. As a GA4 user, you understand the immense value of tracking your website’s performance. With ConversionCow’s GA4 Integration, setting up the Popout is all you need to do before immediately tracking ConversionCow events from day one.

Our step-by-step guide walks you through effortlessly monitoring events and conversions across multiple sources within GA4. This allows you to continue attributing leads and optimising your website based on accurate data from your Popouts.

If your marketing strategy involves Google Tag Manager (GTM), our integration ensures ConversionCow events are easily picked up by GTM Triggers for Tagging and advanced tracking in GA4. This empowers you to harness the full potential of your marketing data, providing granular control and enabling strategic, data-driven decisions that refine your digital marketing efforts.

  • Track Popout events in Google Analytics 4
  • Tag Events in Google Tag Manager
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Key Features

Comprehensive Features for Streamlined Analytics

Google Tag Manager or Native Integration Options

Create triggers and tags for events on your Popout in GTM, test them in Preview mode, and monitor your tags to ensure accurate tracking in GA4

Attribution Reporting

Attribute events to their traffic sources to see which channels drive the most conversions.

Event Tracking

Track specific events like Popout impressions, clicks, form submissions, and video starts to gain detailed insights into user interactions.

Cross-Platform Tracking

Monitor user journeys across devices to understand customer behaviour and inform re targeting strategies.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the types of Events that can be tracked

There is a full list of all the Events on our Support Wiki in the Appendix, bottom of the page. The events include Popout opens, video plays, form submissions etc.

Can I track my ConversionCow Popouts with Google Tag Manager?

Yes. Using the Event List as a reference, you are able to create triggers based on the listed Events and then Tags from these Triggers for tracking purposes.

How to I attribute ConversionCow Events in Google Analytics to their appropriate source?

When viewing Google Analytics 4 Reports, be sure to add to your report view “Source/Medium by Session”. This will Include information relating to the source of the Events.