One potent tool at your disposal is custom phone number tracking, particularly crucial for lead generation. Incorporating this technology empowers businesses with the ability to identify exactly where the numbers are coming from.

With phone number tracking, businesses can seamlessly integrate tracking numbers or even toll-free numbers across diverse marketing channels. By doing so, it becomes transparent which advertising campaigns resonate most with potential customers, leading to a higher volume of calls. This level of data serves as a feedback mechanism for marketers, enabling them to refine their strategies for maximum impact.

Without tracking, business owners are grappling in the dark, unsure of which marketing efforts bear fruit and which fall flat. If a business fails to discern which marketing channels are propelling phone calls their way, refining and enhancing those strategies becomes an uphill task. 


Why Is Phone Number Tracking So Important?

  • Know who’s ringing – with phone tracking, you can see who’s calling, how long they chat, and if they’re calling from their cell or not.
  • Identify your most effective campaigns – you can attribute tracking numbers on different ads. So, if one ad gets you a ton of calls, you know it’s a winner.
  • Don’t fly blind – if you’re not tracking calls, how do you know which ads work? Without this info, you might be leaving money on the table. Big time.


7 Key Reasons To Consider Custom Phone Number Tracking On Your Website

  1. Know who’s ringing and why

When you know who’s calling, for how long, and from what device, you can tailor your sales pitch. Maybe mobile users need a different approach than landline callers.


2. Fine-tune your marketing efforts

Understanding call data lets you see which marketing channels are working. No more guesswork – you invest where you see results.


3. Spend smarter with ads

Ever thrown money into ads and wondered if it was worth it? With tracking numbers on your ads, you’ll know which ones give you bang for your buck.


4. Catch missed learning opportunities

With the right service, you won’t just see missed calls, you might even catch their details. Imagine missing out on a $100k job just because you didn’t pick up the phone once? Some services record voicemails so you can understand the needs of your potential customers better.


5. It’s more than just a number

Some phone tracking services double up as an answering machine. Never miss a lead, even when you’re swamped.


6. Access your analytic-rich business data

When was the last time you took a hard look at your phone data? With tracking, you can analyze call patterns, busy hours, and more. It’s a treasure trove of info!


7. Go local, everywhere

Running businesses in multiple areas? Use local numbers for each. An ’02’ number for Sydney, ’03’ for Melbourne. It gives a local touch, and you can track which area is buzzing the most.



Make The Most Of Your Business Potential With Smart Tracking

In a world bursting with competition and ever-evolving marketing channels, standing still is not an option. Every missed call, every untracked ad, is a missed opportunity, a lost sale. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Phone number tracking is your backstage pass to understanding your customers, refining your marketing, and ensuring your lead-generation efforts don’t fall through.

So, ask yourself, do you want to keep leaving success to chance, or are you ready to harness the full potential of every dollar spent, every call received, and every lead chased?

Dive into the world of smart tracking, take control, and watch your business soar, even off your existing efforts. Seize every opportunity that calls and instantly power up your sales process.



Dramatically Enhance ConversionCow With Custom Phone Numbers

With custom phone number tracking, you can create unique experiences for your customers whilst ensuring that you know which ConversionCow popouts work the best.

Simply add custom phone numbers across your various popouts across the different campaigns you’ve set up. By doing this, you’ll help with your overall marketing attribution, giving you greater insights and more visibility on things like:

  • which web pages get the most traffic
  • what offers were the most enticing on your ConversionCow popout
  • which ConversionCow popout designs have the most conversion impact
  • which ConversionCow campaigns worked best

Give it a try today and get quick insights that will help you to optimise your marketing spend and overall business decisions.

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