Setting Up ConversionCow For The First Time

Welcome aboard! You’re all set to activate your first ConversionCow popout and we’re thrilled to guide you through it. Picture this: in potentially less time than a lunch break, you’re about to boost your website’s conversion rate significantly.

Websites have a four-fold mission to accomplish: revealing who you are, defining what you do, explaining why choose you, and clarifying how to get in touch. With ConversionCow, you’re not only ticking these boxes but going above and beyond. Ready to get moo-ving? Let’s jump straight in!


Quick Glance at the Steps Ahead:

  1. Sign Up To ConversionCow: Pick a plan and join the herd.
  2. Create Your Popouts: Construct and preview your unique popouts.
  3. Craft Your First Campaign: Create and customize your campaign.
  4. Add Special Conditions: Define rules and conditions for popout displays.
  5. Embed ConversionCow into Your Website: Pick an installation method and integrate.
  6. Validate and Test: Check and ensure optimal functionality.
  7. Analyze and Tweak for Perfection: Dive into data and optimize for better results.


Step 1: Sign Up To ConversionCow

  • Pick Your Plan: Visit, explore the plans on the pricing page, and snag the one that suits you best.
  • Sign Up: Whip through the sign-up process by filling in the needed details.
  • Login: Login in through one of the various methods (and make sure to write down your password so you don’t forget).


Step 2: Create Your Popouts

  • Enter The Builder: Head to the “Popout Builder” in your dashboard.
  • Crafting Time: Follow the builder’s steps and prompts, adding your text, images, and actions. If you need to open ChatGPT in another window to help you out, why not!
  • Preview: Peek at a preview at the end, ensuring it all looks correct.
  • Repeat & Rinse: Make as many popouts as you want. The more you make, the more you can customise and test on your website.


Step 3: Craft Your 1st Campaign

  • Dashboard Direct: Once signed in, visit your dashboard.
  • New Campaign: Hit “Campaign”, select “New Campaign” and fill in the details.
  • Select Your Default Popout: You’ll need to choose a popout to be your default featured popout (so choose wisely)
  • Fine-tune Your Popout (option): Modify your popouts content, visuals, and CTAs to align with your objectives as need be (you can always come back to this so don’t worry).


Step 4: Add Special Conditions (optional)

  • Rule Establishment: If you want to add Special Conditions to your popout, click “Add Special Condition” on the RHS, select from one of the many options which will determine which popout appears on which page at what time


Step 5: Embed ConversionCow Into Your Website

  • Install Tab: Click on “Install”, situated on the left-hand side (LHS) of your dashboard. You’ll have 3 options:

Option 1: Pre-Made Plugins
Find our pre-made plugins for certain CMS platforms and follow the on-screen instructions.

Option 2: Embed Code with Direct Embedding
Copy the embed code and paste it into your website’s code directly in the header tags.


Step 6: Validate & Test

  • Browser Browsing: Open your website and confirm the popout is appearing and behaving as anticipated.
  • Device Checks: Ensure popouts are functioning and displaying consistently across various devices. ConversionCow works on desktop, tablet and mobile!


Step 7: Analyze & Tweak for Perfection

  • Interaction Investigation: Monitor how visitors are interacting with your popout via your dashboard summary
  • Data Dive: Use ConversionCow analytics or another analytics tool (like GA4) to glean deeper insights.
  • Optimize For Great Conversion: Adjust your messaging and popout options based on data to enhance conversion rates. Why not try the A B function whilst you’re at it?


And Some Pro Tips

  • Subtly Grab Attention: Ensure your popouts gently attract visitor attention without being too invasive or disruptive. They should be like a friendly shop assistant, providing a helpful nudge, rather than a pushy salesperson. Strive to make your popouts noticeable without being overly aggressive or diverting from the user’s browsing experience.
  • Clarify Offers: Clarity is key when communicating through popouts. Ensure that the benefits and offers presented are easily understood and compelling. Avoid industry jargon or vague descriptions; instead, opt for clear, concise, and friendly language that aligns with your brand voice and resonates with your audience.
  • CTA Clarity: Your call to action (CTA) should be a beacon guiding visitors toward the desired action. Be explicit and unambiguous about what you want them to do next, whether it’s signing up for a newsletter, downloading a resource, or making a purchase. A clear CTA, both in terms of language and design, is a cornerstone of effective conversion.
  • Leverage A/B Testing: Don’t let assumptions drive your strategy. Utilize ConversionCow’s A/B testing function to experiment with different wording, offers, and designs to see what genuinely resonates with your audience. By creating two versions of a popout and analyzing which one performs better, you gather invaluable data that informs your strategy and ensures that your popouts are as effective as possible.
  • Mind the User Journey: Tailor popouts to specific stages of the user journey. A first-time visitor might appreciate a welcome message or a special discount, while a returning customer might prefer updates on new products or services. Ensuring that your popouts align with where your visitors are in their journey enhances user experience and boosts the likelihood of conversion.


That’s It!

Well done! With ConversionCow, your website is now primed to be a conversion powerhouse. Keep a keen eye on your insights, fine-tune your messaging based on the data, and ensure your popouts continuously provide tangible value to your visitors.

Keep milking your website for more leads, and if you ever need a hand, we’re always ready to help with any questions at

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